FDM Taping course

FDM Taping

The FDM Taping was created on the basis of the FDM therapeutic model, and its creators are: pioneer of the European Medical Taping Concept (MTC) and FDM instructor – Harry Pijnappel, senior Kinesiology Taping (K-Aktive) instructor and FDM instructor – Dennis Krause, and senior Tensiotaping instructor and FDM instructor Robert Faryj. The combination of the knowledge of these three instructors, with their professional experience, is a quality indicator of this course.


The FDM Taping course covers the discussion of fascial structures and the theory, but above all the FDM practice, which is given a lot of attention and time during the course. During the FDM Taping course we teach how to use the elastic tapes that support FDM therapy – strengthen and preserve its effects and alleviate pain sensations (analgesic applications, lymphatic applications, fascia correction and compression applications). Participants learn how and where to stick therapeutic tapes, how to cut them and how to choose them to specific diseases and locations.


The course uses the elements of diagnostics and therapy of the FDM model, which is based on the patient’s body language. Combining the application with the specific techniques of the Typaldos method gives the course participants a wider range of solutions in working with the patient.

A part of the training is performed in the form of workshops, during which, participants are presented with suggestions on how to deal with specific cases of motor organ injuries. The course also includes the analysis of common syndromes, such as tennis or golfer’s elbow, calcaneal spurs, shoulder impingement, etc., in both a local and a global approach. This allows for an even better understanding of the work with these cases and significantly improves the effectiveness of the therapy.

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