FDM Ortho Sport

FDM Ortho Sport is a developing second level course, addressed to doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, physiotherapy technicians, masseurs, massage technicians who have completed the first level course. During the training, we will discuss and practice, on the example of several typical orthopedic diseases, the way of thinking, managing and conducting the therapy consistent with the assumptions of the FDM model.


Working with the FDM model is very effective in pain relief and it is often described as ‘pain relief therapy’. Sometimes, however, the pain returns and the therapeutic effects lose their spectacular effect. As part of this course, we will explain the causes of such situations and show diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies that allow us, and the patient, to move towards understanding and solving the problem.

Ranges of movement, myotatic reflexes, tests on deep sensation and muscle tests are giving us the opportunity to verify and make sure whether we have achieved the intended therapeutic effect or just approached it.


During the course, we will show you how to use muscle tests as a variable that allows us to refine the effectiveness of therapy.

FDM Ortho Sport is a course that expands the knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, pathology and ‘pathophysiology’ in a model perspective. We will also address the problem of chronicity, since from the perspective of the FDM, chronic means ‘only’ a tissue condition that we can always reprogram to a greater or lesser extent. The effectiveness of this action, depends of course, on a well-chosen target, to which a properly assigned function will write an appropriate structure. We will explain and show the impact of fascial distortions on the results in competitive sports, and the impact of their supernal and subliminal forms on deep sensation, tonus, strength and muscle power. We will tell you how to manage and guide it – that is, to do things not only right, but also to do the right things.


FDM Ortho Sport is about working on distortions and the lymphatic system in relation to the most common overloads, damage, diseases and postoperative conditions in orthopedics and traumatology that we face in our daily work.

The FDM Ortho Sport course will allow you to deepen your knowledge in the following areas:

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