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FDM Neuro

FDM Neuro is a developing second-level course addressed to doctors, osteopaths and physiotherapists in the field of treatment of children and adults with the pathology of muscle tone in the course of neurological diseases (fitting the FDM model) and with other ailments. The course provides expertise on the bordering and interpenetrating systems: nervous system and fascial system, which especially affects the area of ​​the superficial fascia. The close connection of these systems is reflected in specific therapeutic techniques that adequately stimulate both the motor system and the nervous system.


Based on the latest research and knowledge on fascia, interoception and biomechanics, fascia therapy finds a wider spectrum of activities in the rehabilitation process of both children and adults suffering from various musculoskeletal dysfunctions due to damage to the nervous system. Diseases in which the FDM Neuro significantly increases the effectiveness of therapy include: cerebral palsy and spastic muscle tension. Foot defects, proprioception and gait disorders – some of the main problems faced by therapists conducting the rehabilitation – can also be successfully managed thanks to engaging the FDM Neuro in the process of traditional functional therapy. All defects and deformities within the musculoskeletal system have one common denominator: dysfunctions at the level of the neurofascial system.


FDM Neuro presents the process of treating a patient also with such problems as walking on the toes, complex deformation of the feet, impaired sensory integration and consciousness of their own body, etc. It also shows the logical (based on knowledge of neurophysiology) process of clinical manual diagnostics, which is necessary to apply specific techniques with the FDM model. This is especially important in children and adults with the neurological disorders who do not communicate fascial distortions verbally or using body language – it is up to the therapist to make a hypothesis and adjust the techniques to the therapy.


FDM Neuro is also a course integrating other branches of the FDM model itself (pediatrics, orthopedics, visceral therapy) and other perspectives on working with the patient. It is a specific complement to the traditional functional techniques. The use of the FDM Neuro should be simultaneous to the patient’s functional therapy – only then, the effectiveness of this therapy is the highest. It is not recommended to treat a neurological patient solely with FDM Neuro-based techniques.


The FDM Neuro course is also a great tool for FDM therapists, extending the method itself to the following areas:

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