FDM Lymphology course

diagnostics and therapy of the reflex zone distortion

FDM Lymphology - diagnostics and therapy of the reflex zone distortion

The FDM Lymphology complements the FDM model with additional techniques based on the knowledge of segmental anatomy and neuro-lymphology. The course is addressed to doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, physiotherapy technicians, masseurs and massage technicians.


The FDM Lymphology is:

The knowledge acquired during the course allows for a better understanding of pathogenic processes and the role of the lymphatic and fascial systems in immunology, fluid exchange and transport. This will make it easier to help patients with chronic diseases, as well as those cases in which various therapeutic strategies have so far failed. In addition, it enriches the workshop with new skills which are alternative to FDM grips, and can be used alone, for example in order to prepare for therapy or to “suppress” the tissue and calm the patient after the FDM therapy.


The course covers the different types of edema at all tissue levels (CNS, tendons, joint capsules, periosteum, etc.) as well as their treatment strategies.

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