FDM Cranio

The three-day FDM Cranio course is based on the FDM techniques, the model itself and its application to the cranial, craniofacial and atlas vertebral regions. During the course, participants will be familiarized with the anatomy of the skull, the palpation of sutures and the more important neurovascular and muscular and articular structures, as well as the tasks and functions of the autonomic system.


During the course, participants will be familiarized with the following topics:

The main aim of the course is to familiarize participants with the cranial region in terms of more important clinical symptoms and diseases – in the perspective of the whole organism. The extensive FDM Cranio program will allow us to understand that all these syndromes, neuralgias, inflammations, instabilities, migraines, etc., may have (in line with the Typaldos paradigm) their origin in deformities of the fascial system and in the near future,  they will surely become their consequence.  

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